Beaulieu Convention Center & Theater

Beaulieu Lausanne Convention Center is ideally situated in the heart of Lausanne.

It is a vast events complex located at the heart of French-speaking Switzerland and offering a rich array of services directly connected to the car park but also accessible to pedestrians from the outside.

Its 19 modular rooms and its large halls associated with the largest theater in Switzerland can accommodate between 100 and 5,400 persons, who also enjoy the use of 12,000 sq.m. of gardens.

Beaulieu has a unique, modular infrastructure to cater for all kinds of events – congresses, conferences, symposiums and seminars, general assemblies, business events, private functions, sporting events, forums, etc. An enthusiastic and professional team will take care of the organization tailored to meet your needs.

By choosing Beaulieu Lausanne, you’ll be giving your event the stature it deserves.

Your event, our profession !

Fondation de Beaulieu
Centre de Congrès
Avenue des Bergières 10
Case postale 21
1000 Lausanne 22
+41 21 643 99 50

Fondation de Beaulieu
© Fondation de Beaulieu

Fondation de Beaulieu
© Fondation de Beaulieu