Sustainable city

Lausanne – the green city

Conscious of its exceptional natural setting, Lausanne has made sustainable development one of the spearheads of local policy making for many years. Soft mobility, energy management, waste sorting… this ecological conscience extends to an ecotourism that is increasingly popular with visitors.

Lausanne is truly green by nature. Extending from the floral quays of Ouchy to the forest of Jorat in the north, surrounded by the UNESCO World Heritage Lavaux vineyards to the east and those of La Côte to the west, the city offers 350 hectares of public parks and gardens for your enjoyment.

Accessing the delights that Lausanne has to offer can also be done in the most environmentally responsible ways:

  • Swathes of the city are pedestrianised and ideal for walks – whether individually, themed, or audio-guided
  • Self service bicycle hire and mobileo Segway Citytours enable you to see the city from a different pace and perspective
  • Public transport is efficient and mostly electric or natural gas
  • Solar powered boats help you absorb the magic of the lake
  • A metro links the north and south of the city and serves the University and Federal Institute of Technology

Getting around is made easier still thanks to the Lausanne Transport Card, issued freely by hotels throughout the city.

Lausanne – the award-winning city

The city embarked on its path to sustainability in the 1990s by ensuring that all local government services reflected a respect for the environment and the integration of nature into town planning.

By 1996 the commune received the “City of Energy” label, and by 2001 was ranked 1st 60 competing communes.

In 2004, Lausanne’s forward-thinking energy policy also enabled it to become the first city to be awarded the European Energy Award Gold, a title that it confirmed in 2009.

The same environmentally responsible path has been followed by many private companies here, helping Lausanne forge its reputation as a city of today that cares passionately for tomorrow.

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